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Chloë Sevigny Online is a fan-operated website — a “fan site” — created for information purposes only. Our site is made by the fans, for the fans, aimed solely at keeping visitors updated on Chloë Sevigny’s work as an actress, designer and celebrity. The webmasters gain no profit from maintaining the site. Any advertising on Chloë Sevigny Online originates from our hosting provider, Flaunt.nu. Chloë Sevigny Online is not commercially affiliated with any source of advertising or products, commercial or not.

Chloë Sevigny Online is an unofficial Chloë Sevigny website. We are in no way affiliated or in contact with Chloë Sevigny, her management, or her family and friends. We do not know Chloë Sevigny, nor is she part of the maintenance of Chloë Sevigny Online in any way. Chloë Sevigny’s official site is ChloeSevigny.com.

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