Chloë at ‘Lawless’ Cinema Society Screening

Chloë Sevigny attended the Cinema Society & Manifesto YSL Screening of Lawless with Lissy Trullie in New York City last night. The first 28 medium- and hi-res images in our gallery! Update Aug 15: Chloë was wearing a Versace Jeans Couture flowering vines and mythical faces printed sundress with black leather Chloë Sevigny for Opening […]

Chloë at Scott Campbell’s “Noblesse Oblige” LA Exhibition

Yesterday, March 19, Chloë Sevigny was spotted at the OHWOW Inaugural Exhibition of “Noblesse Oblige” by Scott Campbell in Los Angeles, California. As always, the first photos from the event have been uploaded to the gallery. Have a look! New Photo Albums: • Appearances in 2011 > OHWOW LA Inaugural Exhibition “Noblesse Oblige” on Mar […]