WSJ: “Chloë Sevigny on the Perfect Jeans and Binge-Watching ‘Friday Night Lights'”

A fun article from Wall Street Journal in which Chloë Sevigny talks about her personal style and other miscellany. Full article on the WSJ website or under the cut. Chloë Sevigny on the Perfect Jeans and Binge-Watching ‘Friday Night Lights’ By Marshall Heyman With the release of her new book, the actress and fashion darling […] “Chloë’s Scene, 21 Years Later”

Another new interview with Chloë Sevigny about her newly published Rizzoli photobook and personal style, this one from Full article on the website or under the cut. Chloë’s Scene, 21 Years Later by Steff Yotka New York’s homegrown It girl on her style-icon status and life in the public eye. Being anointed the […]

Chloë Sevigny Twitter & Instagram accounts verified!

Great news!! If you’ve recently followed the accounts @OfficialChloeS on Twitter and/or chloessevigny on Instagram, you’ll be pleased to know these accounts have now both been confirmed as the one and only real Chloë Sevigny (!!!). While the Instagram account chloessevigny (which began posting in February 2015) remains to be officially verified by Instagram, Chloë […]

Chloë Sevigny on Instagram(?)

Just a heads-up that there seems to be a relatively new user account on Instagram which we believe could be the real(!) Chloë Sevigny: @chloessevigny. Although Chloë has confirmed in many an interview she is not on Twitter or Facebook — at least not publicly — she has talked about possibly wanting to join Instagram, […]