V Magazine interview: “The Chloe Compendium”

Great new interview with Chloë Sevigny on the V Magazine website, in which Chloë talks about among other things the new Chloë book, Kids, The Brown Bunny and Vincent Gallo and being “sort of” engaged (congrats, Chloë!!). Extracts below: What have you gotten criticism for? CS: When Brown Bunny came out, there was a real […]

Paper Mag article: “An Oral History of X-Girl”

Paper Mag has an interesting article on Daisy von Furth and Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s short-lived mid-’90s fashion line X-Girl, in which Chloë Sevigny is interviewed about her involvement with the line alongside Gordon, von Furth and other collaborators. As some of you will know, Chloë modeled for the label in the mid-’90s. Excerpts from […]

NYTimes.com: “The ‘It’ Girl, Now a Woman”

Terrific article and interview with Chloë Sevigny from The New York Times, in which Chloë talks about her life and her relationship with fashion, with a couple of words thrown in from the now-defunct Sassy magazine’s former fashion editor Andrea Linett. (Linett originally “discovered” Chloë hanging out in New York in the early ’90s, getting […]