First poster for ‘Lovelace’

Millennium Films has released the first poster for Lovelace, the Linda Lovelace biopic starring Amanda Seyfried in the title role. The film is expected to premiere in theaters this summer. Chloë Sevigny appears as Rebecca in the film as part of a stellar ensemble cast including, aside from Chloë’s Big Love co-star Seyfried, Hank Azaria, […]

Poster, promotional stills and footage from ‘All Flowers in Time’

An update on Jonathan Caouette’s 2010 short film All Flowers in Time, in which Chloë Sevigny appears as Holly. Plot overview from The Internet Movie Database: “I am not from this place,” declares a French cowboy. An old toothless man asks, “Do you know why you’re here?” These shape-shifting personalities infect young children with an […]

‘Black Mirror’ poster, stills and synopsis

Check out these new (if small) promotional stills (+ poster) of Chloë Sevigny appearing in Doug Aitken’s upcoming video/live performance piece Black Mirror, debuting next month in Greece. Details in our original post about the project and at Synopsis from Line Out: The protagonist, played by Chloë Sevigny, exists in the borderless world of […]

New ‘Big Love’ poster and 5.01 “Winter” promotional stills

Just a quick heads-up that we’ve updated the gallery with a couple of new Big Love things today, namely a slightly bigger version + a horizontal version of the Season 5 poster as well as two new promotional stills from (we presume) episode 5.01 “Winter”, big thanks to Mike. Don’t forget to tune in to […]

‘Big Love’ Season 5 teasers, first poster and stills

“I’m a bigger person now. I won’t go back to being small.” – Nicolette “Nicki” Grant” Some new Big Love Season 5 things today. To begin with some pictures, HBO has revealed the winter-themed Season 5 poster for the series, which has been uploaded to our gallery alongside some great hi-res Season 5 promotional stills […]