‘Commons & Sense’, ‘Marfa’, ‘Self Service’, ‘Purple’ photo additions

As you may have noticed, we’ve been quietly updating the gallery this week with new and better-res photos from Chloë Sevigny’s recent editorials in Commons & Sense, Marfa Journal, Purple Fashion and Self Service. Now check out the rest if you haven’t yet! New & Updated Photo Albums: • Magazines in 2015 > ‘Marfa Journal’ […]

Chloë Sevigny in ‘Marfa Journal’ issue #3

She is just everywhere right now! Keep an eye out this month for issue #3 of the biannual hardcover Marfa Journal, featuring Chloë Sevigny in a set of brand new photos by Brianna Capozzi. You’ll find a full list of stockists worldwide on the Marfa Journal website, but here’s what you should be looking for […]