Chloë Sevigny featured in book by Brianna Capozzi

Chloë Sevigny is featured in Well Behaved Women, a new book by photographer Brianna Capozzi. Via Dazed Digital: New York-based photographer Brianna Capozzi has made a name for herself shooting the strong, vibrant women she surrounds herself with, in settings that balance surrealism and banality. Working with the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Hanne Gaby Odiele, […]

Chloë Sevigny at IDEA book signing — photos

The first photos are beginning to trickle in from Chloë Sevigny’s book signing at IDEA in London today thanks to some enthusiastic fans on social media. Check them out in our gallery! The photos uploaded so far are courtesy of 5by5forever, chicca_mfpepe, georginawickman, hanaekoko, jo.theodorou, laurieatrueman, mana_toitoitoi, marfajournal, raphieth, tashalethman, whatsupflo, zoe_thompson85 and zuonly on […]