LA Times: “Chloë Sevigny seeks a new chapter at Cannes, via a cat”

Another interview with Chloë Sevigny about her directorial debut Kitty, this one from Los Angeles Times. Check it out on the LA Times website or under the cut. Chloë Sevigny seeks a new chapter at Cannes, via a cat by Steven Zeitchik Chloe Sevigny is bringing a movie she directed to the Cannes Film Festival. […]

Chloë Sevigny talks directing debut with THR at Cannes Film Festival

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Chloë Sevigny about her directorial debut Kitty at Cannes Film Festival yesterday. Check it out: And while you’re at it, here’s another sound bite from the interview:

‘Kids’ posters, promotional stills and set photos

News on Chloë continues to be scarce, so we’ve instead updated the gallery today with new and better-res posters, promotional stills and behind the scenes-pics of Chloë Sevigny in Larry Clark’s Kids (in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary). Check ’em out in our gallery! New & Updated Photo Albums: Movies > ‘Kids’ On Set […]

Chloë Sevigny at BAMcinemaFest ‘Kids’ 20th Anniversary Reunion

Chloë Sevigny attended the 20th Anniversary Reunion of Larry Clark’s Kids at BAMcinemFast in New York City yesterday. Also on hand were among others co-stars Rosario Dawson and Leo Fitzpatrick, writer Harmony Korine and director Larry Clark. Photos, as always, in our gallery! Update Jun 27: Lots of new photos have been uploaded to the […]

Chloë Sevigny releases 2nd photobook ‘No Time for Love’

Chloë Sevigny has released another photobook, this time with Innen Zines. Titled No Time for Love, the zine is “a photobook filled with snapshots from photobooths and candid images of the men in her life, from her father to her first loves.” Dazed Digital has more: Could you tell us about your new zine? Chloë […]