‘Big Love’ series finale recap

“I don’t have one ounce of the milk of human kindness in me. I’m spiteful, jealous and mean…” – Nicolette “Nicki” Henrickson What a ride. What a conclusion. Hopefully everyone tuned in to the season and series finale of HBO’s Big Love last night. Here’s our last ever Big Love recap, of yesterday’s episode 5.10 […]

Big Love: End of Days — cast and crew bid farewell to the series

As HBO & co. prepare to bid adieu to Big Love with tonight’s season and series finale, the network has published this terrific half-hour special about the making of the show, in which the cast and crew talk about the series and what it’s been like to bring it to a close. Featured in the […]

‘Big Love’ episode 5.09 recap

[Bill: “You risked everything for your daughter. You didn’t cause this!”] “I did…! She’s right. I am horrible! I’m worse than them! I’m worse than any of them!… They didn’t put the shame into her. JJ didn’t. Alby didn’t. My father didn’t. I did. Why would Heavenly Father have allowed that? He has forsaken us! […]

‘Big Love’ episode 5.08 recap

“You do have a choice. You do, Alby. Remember that early spring when papa wouldn’t let us go swimming because it was too cold? We went anyway, and I waded in too deep and the current swept me away. But you ran in and pulled me out. Do you remember?… Same blood runs through our […]

‘Big Love’ episode 5.07 recap

“If I consider what you’re asking — and that’s just a really big ‘if’ — then I’m telling you right now the only name going on that cake is mine.” – Nicolette “Nicki” Grant As always, hope everyone was able to tune in last Sunday to the seventh Season 5 episode of Big Love. Here […]