‘American Horror Story’ feature in ‘Entertainment Weekly’

If you can’t wait for more on the upcoming season of FX’s American Horror Story, check out the series’ feature in the new Entertainment Weekly. We’ve updated the gallery with six scans of the article, thanks to jessica-lange on Tumblr. Here’s is its only proper mention of Chloë, who will be portraying Shelley the Nymphomaniac […]

Chloë talks new projects, “Chloe” impersonator to EW.com

Another interesting recent article and interview with Chloë Sevigny, from EW.com. In this article, Chloë talks chiefly about her future projects post-Big Love (which may or may not include television and Broadway) and her thoughts on the YouTube “Chloe” impersonator. Full article under the cut. Big Love star Chloe Sevigny on starring opposite Katie Holmes […]