Chloë featured in US ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ March 2011

Great news! The Harper’s Bazaar website has just revealed that Chloë Sevigny is featured in a multi-page editorial in the March 2011 issue of US Bazaar, with Kim Kardashian on the cover. Six medium-res outtakes from the photo spread have been uploaded to the gallery; the new photoshoot was photographed by Cedric Buchet. We’ll naturally […] Chloë already working on new collection

Elle magazine caught up with Chloë Sevigny at the New York Fashion Week yesterday for a quick interview, in which Chloë has revealed she is already working on her next collection! Full article as follows. A Split Second with Chloë Sevigny Tara Subkoff’s second Imitation collection was shown in the midst of a mob scene […]

‘Darien Times’ interview: “Darien native on Golden Globes, ‘Big Love’…”

Terrific article and interview with Chloë Sevigny from The Darien Times, in which Chloë talks about among other things accepting her first ever Golden Globe at the 2010 ceremony, growing up in Darien and her relationship with her family. Full article under the cut. Chloë Sevigny: Darien native on Golden Globes, Big Love, Weed Beach […]

‘Interview’ magazine interview: “Chloë Sevigny”

Another great article and interview with Chloë Sevigny, this one from the Interview magazine website. In the interview, Chloë talks a lot about Big Love, her thoughts on the show coming to an end, the media frenzy that followed her “Season 4 was awful” comments and the YouTube “Chloe Sevigny” impersonator Drew Droege. She also […] article: “Sevigny happy to be a sister wife on ‘Big Love'”

Interesting article and interview with Chloë Sevigny and Big Love creators Will Scheffer and Mark V. Olsen from regarding the upcoming final season of Big Love. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the exciting season premiere on HBO! Full article under the cut. Chloë Sevigny is happy to be a sister wife on […]