HollywoodNews.com article from ‘Barry Munday’ SXSW premiere

We’ve found another interesting article today from last Saturday’s Barry Munday World Premiere from the ongoing SXSW 2010 festival in Austin, Texas.

HollywoodNews.com has an interesting piece on the film up on their website, with some new comments from the festival screening of the film from Chloë Sevigny and director Chris D’Arienzo regarding Chloë’s supporting role in the comedy as Jennifer Farley. According to the website, the film is currently seeking distribution.

Read the article in full at HollywoodNews.com; extract follows:

“I still don’t think I’m that comedic in this film,” Chloe Sevigny said with a laugh.

That’s not exactly what you want to hear from the star of a comedy. But Sevigny, in all honesty, might be the sixth or seventh funniest person in the all-star Barry Munday ensemble, which includes Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Patrick Wilson, Malcolm McDowell, Missi Pyle, Colin Hanks, Christopher MacDonald, Kyle Gass, Jean Smart and Lando Calrissian himself, Mr. Billy Dee Williams.

And she’d be the first to admit that. “It was very challenging and very intimidating, especially because (co-stars Wilson and Greer) were so funny,” said Sevigny, an Oscar nominee and recent Golden Globe winner for her role on HBO’s Big Love. “I’ve been playing this character, Nicolette, (on Big Love) for so long that I’m so comfortable there. I hadn’t been doing a lot of films because of the schedule with HBO that then when I work on a film like Barry Munday, I am just terrified to be out of my comfort zone. I’m just, like, so scared!”

She overcame her fear to play Jennifer, the beautiful and flirtatious sister of Greer’s homely character, Ginger, in Chris D’Arienzo’s comedy. “For me, Ginger’s sister, Jennifer, needed to be the coolest person. And I was like, ‘Well, who is the coolest person?’ It’s Chloe,” said D’Arienzo.

But Sevigny was hesitant, even though she adored D’Arienzo’s screenplay about a woefully injured man (Wilson) who can’t remember impregnating a geeky woman (Greer). “I have never been in a kind of straight up comedy before,” Sevigny said. “But it’s something that I have been attracted to and have wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t had that many opportunities presented to me. When this one came around, I just jumped at the opportunity.”

I love the way Chloë always talks about her role on Big Love in this sort of introductory way, as if thinking no one’s ever heard of it… So cute and unassuming!

Chloë interviewed for ‘The Advocate’: “Second Wife’s Club”

Check out this new, fascinating interview with Chloë Sevigny from The Advocate (US), a monthly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender magazine. Chloë was last interviewed for the publication for a Boys Don’t Cry cover story in March 2000, scans from which are available at our gallery.

The interview covers a lot of Chloë’s sexual orientation-related film and television work (such as her roles e.g. on Will & Grace, and in the films Broken Flowers and If These Walls Could Talk 2) as well as her own sexual orientation and her thoughts on the subject in general. She also talks about what happened onstage at this year’s Golden Globes in January, when the usher escorting her to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress (Television) accidentally stepped on and ripped her Valentino gown. It’s a really fun, honest and interesting article, so be sure to have a look!

Excerpts from the interview below; read it in full at Advocate.com:

Whenever I read about you turning down big-budget films like Legally Blonde to maintain your indie cred, I think, Why does Chloë hate money?
[Laughs] Well, it wasn’t the Reese Witherspoon part — let’s set the record straight — it was the Selma Blair part. But I was offered a Joe Orton play off-Broadway, What the Butler Saw, which I thought would be more challenging. I guess I didn’t realize the full potential of Legally Blonde at the time, but now I love those films — they’re hilarious.

Selma Blair interviewed you some years later for Interview magazine. Was the fact that you turned down her role an elephant in the room?
Aw, no, that stuff happens all the time. And so many girls have been offered parts that I’ve ended up doing, and I see them all the time — like the girl [Mia Kirshner] that got fired from Kids, which was the reason I got the role. Those are the breaks.

What attracted you to Monet, the apartment-flipping lesbian, on Will & Grace — Edie Falco as your sugar mama?
I was a huge Will & Grace fan! I loved Sean Hayes, and I just wanted to try a sitcom and see what that was all about. But what’s funny is that after I appeared on the show I could never watch it again. It lost the magic. We shot for two days, and the first day I was doing my quiet-whatever kind of acting that I do, but then I was like, If I don’t turn it up 10 notches, I’m just going to blend into the walls. So the next day I went in rip-roarin’ and ready to go, trying to ham it up, but it’s really hard to ham it up next to that cast.

[…] Another gay Big Love writer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, did an impressive job of fleshing out the Alby and Dale relationship in the “Strange Bedfellows” episode earlier this season.
He did. He invited me to some bowling benefit for Second Stage Theatre the other night, so I went out to support them and hang out with him. He’s actually writing a musical version of American Psycho right now, which is really odd.

You don’t want any part of that?
No. [Laughs] But I would love to do Broadway. I guess I’m waiting for the right thing and the time. It’s hard to commit to anything like that when you’re on television.

[…] A few days after the Golden Globes ceremony, when I discovered on Greginhollywood.com that the escort who stepped on your dress, Joe Everett Michaels, was gay, I thought, Great, another reason for people to hate us: As if our pesky demands for equal rights weren’t enough, now we’ve gone and ripped Chloë Sevigny’s Valentino!
Oh, geesh, I know. He actually found me in the ballroom afterward, came up to me, and was going on and on, like, “I’m so, so, so, so sorry!” The poor guy. Accidents happen, so of course I accepted his apology. You know, I had a feeling something was going to happen. I thought I was just going to stain the dress or that I was going to trip, but leave it to the gays! [Laughs]

Hi-res Singaporean ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ March 2010 scans

As promised, here are our site-exclusive hi-res scans of Chloë Sevigny’s inside feature in the March 2010 issue of Singaporean Harper’s Bazaar. The new photoshoot, as photographed by Pavel Havlicek, is a (partial?) reprint of her original photo spread in the February 2010 issue of Korean Harper’s Bazaar, however this is the first hi-res look we’ve had at the new shoot (which, btw, is one of my personal favorites to date). Enjoy!

New Photo Albums:

Magazines in 2010 > ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (Sg) March 2010 Scans

Chloë talks ‘Big Love’ to NPR’s Terry Gross on “Fresh Air”

Yesterday, Chloë Sevigny was featured on the National Public Radio talk show “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross. On the show, Chloë discussed her recent work on the critically acclaimed HBO drama series, Big Love, her earlier work in e.g. Kids (on which she worked with former flame Harmony Korine), and her early life and style (e.g. why she shaved her head back in the day, and how she dealt with the frequent drug abuse in the rave scene she was in when she was young). It’s a very insightful and warm interview all around, and we highly suggest you have a listen!

Listen to and/or download Chloë’s full “Fresh Air” interview via NPR.org! The interview is about 21 minutes long.

Interview excerpts from NPR.org:

How her role on Big Love is different from her roles in movies:
“I’m kind of intimidated by the big screen — I often keep my performances much smaller and much more natural and subtle — and of course on Big Love, it’s so big, the stakes are always really high, and it’s always very dramatic, and there’s always so much going on that I can’t imagine what they saw in earlier performances that they would think, ‘Oh, Chloe can really run with this [Big Love role].’ “

On wearing prairie dresses:
“It was always a fantasy of mine growing up — my favorite program was always Little House on the Prairie — so I always wanted to wear those looks. When I was a child, I wouldn’t let my mom put me in anything but calico dresses and now … whaddaya know, every day I’m in a calico dress, basically, so it’s kind of funny.”

On getting started in acting:
“I had always wanted to be an actress. I went to summer theater camp from kindergarten on up until high school, and always had the leads in all the plays — even though they were at the YMCA — but it was something I always wanted to do. I had done some commercial work in junior high and stuff — my mother would bring me into the city, and we’d go on these crazy castings … Acting was something I always dreamed of doing … it was my passion when I was young.”

Chloë featured in Singaporean ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ March 2010

Harper’s Bazaar really loves Chloë this Winter! According to this listing on eBay, Chloë Sevigny has a six-page feature in the March 2010 issue of Singaporean Harper’s Bazaar, with Taiwanese actress Shu Qi on the cover. As of yet, we have no additional information on the feature, but of course we’ll post it as soon as we do.

If you have any information to share with us on this, please do so via email. Any details would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Update Feb 23: We’ve found out that Chloë is indeed featured in this issue in photographs taken by Pavel Havlicek. This could therefore very well be either a reprint or new photos from the same shoot as in the previously reported Korean Harper’s Bazaar. Either way, we’ll be sure to post scans as soon as possible!