Hi-res ‘Interview’ February 2012 scans

As promised, the gallery has been updated today with 13 site-exclusive hi-res scans of Chloë Sevigny’s spectacular editorial in the February 2012 issue of Interview. The new scans include the last page of the interview which was previously missing from our preview gallery. Hope you enjoy! :) New & Updated Photo Albums: • Magazines in […]

Chloë in ‘Interview’ February 2012

Check out these new images of Chloë Sevigny in a spectacular(!!!) editorial in the upcoming February 2012 issue of Interview magazine, as photographed by Craig McDean. Chloë was interviewed for the magazine by her longtime friend, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, with whom she talked especially (and candidly) about her experience working on Hit and Miss […]

BBM.com: “Chloë on Going from Drug Smuggler to Pre-Op Trans Assassin”

A terrific and informative article and interview with Chloë Sevigny from BlackBookMag.com, in which Chloë discusses among other things working on Mr. Nice and portraying Judy Marks, Big Love, Drew Droege’s “Chloe Sevigny” drag impression and growing up. Full article under the cut. Chloë Sevigny on Going from Drug Smuggler to Pre-Op Trans Assassin No […]

Chloë on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ – video and caps

“When she first came out I thought maybe she had a little yorkie on her head…? The hair is very confusing to me!” [RuPaul: “Now Chloë, are you saying you’re a yorkie lover? Is that what you’re saying?”] “I actually don’t like animals.” – Chloë Sevigny Hope everyone was able to catch Chloë Sevigny on […]