Chloë Sevigny directs second short film ‘Carmen’

As those of you who follow Chloë on Instagram will already know, Chloë Sevigny has directed her second short film, Carmen. According to T Magazine‘s recent interview with Chloë, Carmen is a “melancholic . . . portrait of an artist on the road” which examines “the loneliness that accompanies being in strange cities”. The short […]

Chloë Sevigny at ‘Kitty’ and ‘Gimme Danger’ screenings

And we’re back! Sorry for the recent delay in updates, but out technological difficulties have finally resolved and we’re back in business. 8-) Hoping to play catch-up this week! Kicking things off with a couple of events we missed on October 27th, when Chloë Sevigny made an appearance at the New York premiere of Gimme […]

Chloë Sevigny talks ‘Kitty’ at New York Film Festival

Check out this interview with Chloë Sevigny about her short film Kitty from New York Film Festival: Chloë was also on hand at the festival’s second Shorts Program 4 night to represent Kitty on Tuesday. A couple of fan photos from the event have been uploaded to our gallery courtesy of dajdro, daminyc, annerowland, majorgatson […]

Chloë Sevigny at NYFF Shorts Program 4 screenings and Q&A

Chloë Sevigny attended the New York Film Festival Shorts Program 4 screenings and Q&A representing her directorial debut Kitty yesterday. Pics in our gallery! New Photo Albums: Appearances in 2016 > 54th New York Film Festival Shorts Program 4 Screenings and Q&A on Oct 2