Chloë Sevigny talks ‘Kids’, aging and Instagram to Interview

Chloë Sevigny is featured on the Interview magazine website. The article touches briefly on topics such as aging, Instagram and Kids. The new images were photographed by Roe Ethridge. The full story on the Interview website! New Photo Albums: Photoshoots in 2019 > Photoshoot #016

Chloë Sevigny featured in ‘T’ magazine

Chloë Sevigny is featured in the March 24th issue of T magazine. Chloë is featured in the mag’s interview series in which cultural figures talk about objects in their homes. Here, the actress Chloë Sevigny describes her longtime interest in Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three — the teenagers who were wrongfully convicted […]

NYT: “Chloë Sevigny wants more. Lizzie Borden is helping with that”

Article on Chloë Sevigny from The New York Times in which Chloë talks, among other things, about her career, Lizzie and her upcoming short film White Echo. A couple of excerpts below, courtesy of NYT: Over the summer, Ms. Sevigny finished filming a complex third short, White Echo, which looks at five women in their […]