The Guardian interviews Chloë Sevigny

Interesting article and interview with Chloë Sevigny from The Guardian, in which she talks a lot about herself as well as her film work. It’s an honest article with some really nice, candid quotations from Chloë on both her career and her life in general. Full article under the cut. Chloë Sevigny: The Interview In […]

Chloë interviewed for ‘The Advocate’: “Second Wife’s Club”

Check out this new, fascinating interview with Chloë Sevigny from The Advocate (US), a monthly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender magazine. Chloë was last interviewed for the publication for a Boys Don’t Cry cover story in March 2000, scans from which are available at our gallery. The interview covers a lot of Chloë’s sexual orientation-related […]

Chloë interviews Depeche Mode frontman for ‘Interview’

Not a lot to report on Chloë of late, I’m afraid. However, the Interview magazine website has a really cool (and dead funny) interview with Depeche Mode frontman David Gahan, as conducted by Chloë Sevigny, “a die-hard Depeche Mode fan.” Except from the interview, courtesy of SEVIGNY: You’re preparing for the tour . . […]