Chloë Sevigny at X-girl for Chloë Sevigny launch

On Thursday, Chloë Sevigny attended the launch of the X-girl for Chloë Sevigny collection at X-girl’s Tokyo shop in Japan. Check out the images in our gallery! Fan photos courtesy of chigimari, chinenmikako, eriyyna, kunichi_nomura, lonoly_peanuts, maikomorita, midoriueeda, mihaeru0217, mikuishikawa, naostar_, rina_ishii_99, sasarisa0110, sayumi7, shen_tanaka, shokoyata and taka_nu on Instagram. New Photo Albums: Appearances in […]

Chloë Sevigny fronts new campaign for X-girl

Chloë Sevigny is the star of the ad campaign for X-girl’s new ’90s-inspired collection. The new images are photographed in the style of a 1994 photoshoot Chloë did for Vice magazine. Many of the items in the new collection also feature images from the shoot. As always, check out the new images in our gallery! […]