Chloë Sevigny has launched a perfume with Régime des Fleurs. More on the story from Vogue:

“I’ve always worn rose perfumes, but I think of this as a city rose,” she explains of the scent, which she dreamed up with Régime cofounder Ezra Woods, whom she has known since he was “a young charmer” in high school in L.A., and his eventual business partner, Alia Raza, with whom Sevigny used to make Warholian video shorts. The duo knew about Sevigny’s taste for rose perfumes, despite their reputation for being “old lady,” and they wanted to create a modern update for her. “Basically, we wanted to make her ultimate signature scent,” Raza says.

[…]”I’ve always been obsessed with perfume,” Sevigny explains as we continue ambling through the garden. “When I was a kid growing up in Connecticut, I collected vintage perfumes—I loved the bottles. I used to keep them on this mirrory silver tray and was so captivated by the way they caught the light.” These flacons were like emissaries from the urban world of glamour and cool she longed to break into. “Of course, now that I actually live in the city,” she notes with a laugh, “I want something that kind of takes me out of it!” Little Flower abets the escape—no planes, trains, or automobiles necessary. “You walk around, you get dirty. . . and it instantly makes you feel refreshed. . . . I can’t see why I’d wear anything else.

Check out the print ad for the perfume as well as outtakes from the photoshoot in our gallery.

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