As those of you who follow Chloë on Instagram will already know, Chloë Sevigny has directed her second short film, Carmen.

According to T Magazine‘s recent interview with Chloë, Carmen is a “melancholic . . . portrait of an artist on the road” which examines “the loneliness that accompanies being in strange cities”. The short was filmed in November 2016 and premiered earlier this month during New York Fashion Week as part of Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” series.

Still more on the film from’s interview with Chloë last year:

I’m shooting my next short film in November in Portland. It’s the story of a performer, a comedian, a girl called Carmen Lynch. I feel like I’m practicing with short films now. It’s exciting. I’m figuring out my voice, figuring out lenses, camera movements. That way, when I do eventually approach doing a feature, I’ll have more of an arsenal. I’ve been on sets for 20 years, so I’ve heard people call for different lenses and filters. But I wasn’t always aware of how much went into those decisions or how those choices can shape the way you tell different kinds of stories.”

A poster and a couple of photos of Chloë on the set have been added to the gallery. Keep an eye on for the full release.

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