Hey guys! As you will have noticed by now, we have a whole new look at Chloë Sevigny Online! :)

The new layout features an illustration of Chloë (by yours truly ^_^) as well as a photo from Chloë’s Número Tokyo feature from 2007 as the background. We’ve been working hard to make the new look more browsable than the one before, really(!) thinking about different browsers, relolutions and responsiveness, but we realize we’re still likely to be ironing out some kinks as we find them over the next week or two. Site updates older than last summer will unfortunately look a bit wonky in the new look, but we hope you still like the new layout in general.

You’ll also notice that we’ve (once again) changed things up a little bit content-wise as well. We’ve taken down some pages which are in dire need of updating and simplified the site quite a bit. Some pages will unfortunately be gone forever, but a lot of them we’ll be bringing back just as soon as we’ve reviewed them and cleaned them up a bit.

In the meantime, though, enjoy the new look – and comment if you like! :)

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