Chloë Sevigny hosts Régime des Fleurs Presentation at NYFW

Chloë Sevigny hosted Régime des Fleurs’ “ARTEFACTS” Presentation at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Sound director and Paris-based DJ Michel Gaubert also co-hosted the event.

Photos from the event have only surfaced on Instagram so far, but check them out anyway via the links below. Today’s photos are courtesy of Natasha Lyonne and Michel Gaubert as well as IG users cafieroselecthome, davoosh, laurabrown99, heywomancom and sophiefontanel.

More photos will be added as we find them, of course.

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Appearances in 2016 > Chloë Sevigny & Michel Gaubert Present Régime des Fleurs’ “ARTEFACTS” at NYFW on Feb 14

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