Chloë Sevigny’s ‘AHS: Hotel’ character revealed at Summer TCA

We finally have some more information on Chloë Sevigny’s character in the upcoming new season of American Horror Story. Look away now if you don’t want to know anything in advance.

According to several sources reporting directly from yesterday’s AHS: Hotel Summer TCA Panel, Chloë will be playing Alex Lowe, a doctor and the wife of Wes Bentley’s detective John Lowe investigating a series of “grisly murders” connected to the show’s pivotal hotel. According to Chloë, Alex is moreover a “mother […] dealing with a great loss that we had in our family and coming to grips with that, among other things.”

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres October 7th at 10pm on FX. Get ready for it!

Source: Moviefone, AHSfandom

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