‘Slow Machine’ kickstarter featuring Chloë Sevigny looking for funding

Chloë Sevigny is making her “first foray” into Kickstarter.

Chloë has joined the cast of the film Slow Machine by Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo, a “screwball thriller” about a small-time actress (Stephanie Hayes) who gets into an unfortunate relationship with a counter-terrorism specialist (Scott Shepherd) who may or may not be insane.

Chloë, who collaborated with director DeNardo on an Opening Ceremony ad/video film in 2009, describes her part in the film in a video on the Kickstarter website:

I’m also in Slow Machine, playing a small, but I’m told crucial, part. Basically, I’m playing an unpleasant version of myself.

However, being a kickstarter, the film needs your help to get off the ground. The goal is to raise $30,000 by August 13th, so check out the film’s Kickstarter page and donate to make this happen!

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