Chloë Sevigny, Matthew Broderick join ‘Look Away’ movie reports Chloë Sevigny and Matthew Broderick have joined the cast of the upcoming comedy Look Away, starring Shannon Tarbet:

Matthew Broderick and Chloë Sevigny will star with up-and-coming UK actress Shannon Tarbet in Look Away, a dark comedy being produced by Lucy Barzun Donnelly and Alexandra Kerry of Locomotive Media. Tarbet plays the lead, and Broderick and Sevigny her parents. Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom of BigTV! are directing a script by Jennifer Schuur.

Tarbet’s character is an offbeat young woman who is unable to physically see her mother due to a fictional affliction called selective blindness. Alexis Alexanian, Peter Friedlander and Lizzie Nastro will executive produce the film, with New Regency co-financing and exec producing. Production begins June 8 in New York’s Hudson Valley. The relationship between Locomotive Media and New Regency will go beyond this film as they are working out a development deal to hatch more films.

More information on the Look Away IMDb-page.

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