First ‘Antibirth’ promotional stills

Thanks to V Magazine‘s recent interview with Natasha Lyonne, we have the first promotional stills of Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny in Danny Perez’s upcoming horror movie Antibirth. See the new stills in our gallery.

Do also check out the full interview with Lyonne on the V website. Lots of new stuff on what to expect of Antibirth and what the shoot was like.

How did you decide on Sudbury, Ontario?
NL: It really came down to tax incentives. This is not a small movie. It’s a small movie for a studio movie, but essentially it’s his second feature, and his first narrative feature, so to get over two million dollars is very rare in this day and age. So many of these movies, a Joe Swanberg film let’s say, that’s more of the 500,000 dollar realm, as far as I know. But this movie is so visual. Certainly Danny and Chloë are sharing a kind of aesthetic language that, frankly, I can understand it, but I can’t invent it in my mind the way the two of them can. It’s a different kind of gift—an aesthetic genius that certainly Chloë has proven time and again to have.

And speaking of Chloë, you have co-starred several times over the years. How was this different from the first time you guys worked together early on, probably 10 years ago?
NL: First of all, we got to be roommates in the middle of nowhere. This is now, like, a 20-year friendship that started when we were teenagers. I turned 36 on this movie; Chloë just turned 40. It’s kind of funny for us, that we’ve really had a life together. I think we’re more like sisters, just because there was so much going on in my personal life, and she often played a caretaker role, trying to save my life, against my will. So now, we’re in health and adulthood, actually proper best friends, because we can be.

Where did you first meet?
NL: I think we met in New York, in Mike Rapaport’s backyard. Like I say in the afterword of her book: At least that’s what she tells me. I don’t totally remember it. I think I was 17 and wasted. But Chloë says we met there and she hasn’t lied to me yet so I believe her. Then I was doing Detroit Rock City and she was doing A Map of the World and we were staying at a hotel in Toronto, and she kept trying to befriend me. And Chloë was already Chloë at that point. This was the 90s. I couldn’t figure it out. And here we are, 20 years later; it’s still happening! Removed from everything, in Sudbury, it really felt like, Holy shit, we would be best friends anywhere we were. We were just having such a good time together away from all the stress of our lives, big city lives. We go on a lot of vacations together and we really are pretty tight, but there was something very funny to us about being removed and mixing it up with the locals.

A release date for Antibirth is yet TBA.

Source: V Magazine

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