Chloë Sevigny Twitter & Instagram accounts verified!

Great news!! If you’ve recently followed the accounts @OfficialChloeS on Twitter and/or chloessevigny on Instagram, you’ll be pleased to know these accounts have now both been confirmed as the one and only real Chloë Sevigny (!!!).

While the Instagram account chloessevigny (which began posting in February 2015) remains to be officially verified by Instagram, Chloë herself confirmed that she recently joined the website in a fresh interview with, essentially confirming the account is hers.

But you just joined Instagram.
I did. I was kind of… strong-armed because of the book and the new collection for Opening Ceremony. Then, of course, I’ve hardly promoted either of them in the end! [laughs] When I joined, I had never looked at it before, and when I looked at people’s [accounts] that were doing only promotion, I was like, “This is so transparent and horrible!” So I just posted something about the book, and I put #promotion because how could I not say that? [laughs] It’s just so gross, but I guess it’s because I’m not constantly looking at it, so there’s not a way for me to filter that out. It just feels like… I don’t like the shameless self-promotion. I’m trying to figure out how to balance that, I guess.

The Twitter handle @OfficialChloeS, meanwhile, was recently verified by Twitter.

Now is the time to unfollow all the fakers if you haven’t yet! :)

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