Chloë Sevigny Urban Outfitters Book Signing and Q&A photos

Hope as many as possible were able to catch Chloë Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne at Urban Outfitters in New York on Monday. :) It doesn’t appear any professional photogs covered the event, but we’ve updated the gallery today with fan photos via various social media accounts online.

The following photos are courtesy of: amandaxhearts, apisukh, ceciliachien, fromddwithlove, ijustneedthings, kelleygarrard, maggiemalach, oitnbworld_, pathosylagrimas, poetic_menace, rrichnyc, sassylisalister, sergeyfunny, spaceninety8, taliaeve24, uncoveringstyle, wittlewascle, yjinnyc and yullirose on Instagram; artject and JKrav on Twitter; and cosmic-diamoond, krapleg, junkienichols, miindflowerrs on Tumblr. (If anyone would like to see their photo[s] removed for any reason, please email us and we’ll do so promptly. :))

Update: Chloë wore a romper from her own Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Opening Ceremony.

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