“Critics give ‘Bloodline’ rave reviews”

We’re still four days away from the Bloodline series premiere on Netflix, however KeysInfoNet has taken a look at some of the advance reviews of the show — and they are great! Take a look:

Early reviews mostly praise the series. Some excerpts:

Brian Lowry in Variety: A “very good, extremely well-cast Netflix drama about a big brood — with the requisite hostility and festering wounds — centered in the Florida Keys…. The producers also take advantage of shooting in the Keys, which becomes a kind of player in the ongoing drama, down to the unpredictable weather.”

Sarah Hughes in the Independent (U.K.): “Bloodline is expert in its mix of complex characterisation and killer twists…. The Florida Keys has always been a favourite locale for thrillers … and Bloodline‘s atmosphere similarly thrives off their murkily tropical beauty and alien remoteness….”

David Rooney in the Hollywood Reporter: It’s “a riveting, superbly cast slow-burn family drama set between the oceanfront paradise and the murky mangrove swamps of the Florida Keys. Serving up startling moments in meticulously measured doses, the show leans just hard enough on the teasing thriller elements to point the way to ever-darkening waters ahead…. The [Keys] setting is both a sanctuary and an isolating trap….”

All of Season 1 will premiere online on the Netflix website on March 20th. Chloë Sevigny appears in a recurring role on the show as Chelsea O’Bannon.

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