V Magazine interview: “The Chloe Compendium”

Great new interview with Chloë Sevigny on the V Magazine website, in which Chloë talks about among other things the new Chloë book, Kids, The Brown Bunny and Vincent Gallo and being “sort of” engaged (congrats, Chloë!!). Extracts below:

What have you gotten criticism for?
CS: When Brown Bunny came out, there was a real puritanical press onslaught. They dragged me over the coals. Doing something transgressive like that, it was kind of inevitable, starting off with Kids. I love Vincent [Gallo] as an artist. We’re not friends anymore, which kind of makes me sad. Maybe we will be again one day. Now that I’m getting old, though, it’s hard to see people you haven’t seen in a while because everybody ages so much and I don’t want him to see me older. But yeah, other than that, people love to say that snide, “She’s so indie, cooler-than-cool” stuff. I don’t take offense to any of it.

What’s your favorite page in the book?
CS: The prom page. I went with my first boyfriend when I was a freshman and he was a senior, and when I was a senior, I went with Joey, my boyfriend then. I’m still friends with him. I’m godmother to his son.

Who are the photographers you worked with most often?
CS: We got all the fashion heavy hitters, Mario [Sorrenti], Steven Klein, Albert Watson, [Michael] Thompson, Glen [Luchford], Juergen [Teller], Ryan [McGinley], Mert & Marcus, Craig McDean, Annie Leibovitz—she gave us permission to use some Polaroids, which is really surprising because she’s normally so controlling over her images. My friend Rita Ackermann, she’s a painter, and she was making some clothes, and [Marcelo Krasilcic and I] did a whole shoot for them and the photos were never published anywhere. I ran almost every photo from that shoot [in the book]. But Terry Richardson, Mark Borthwick, and Inez & Vinoodh are the ones who have photographed me the most consistently over the years.

You still work with Terry, right?
CS Yeah. I love him. That whole controversy is mired in…yeah.

I see a ring. Are you engaged?
CS: It’s sort of an engagement.

More: VMagazine.com

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