Chloë Sevigny on Instagram(?)

Just a heads-up that there seems to be a relatively new user account on Instagram which we believe could be the real(!) Chloë Sevigny: @chloessevigny.

Although Chloë has confirmed in many an interview she is not on Twitter or Facebook — at least not publicly — she has talked about possibly wanting to join Instagram, and based on some of the photos posted by the user we believe this to be in fact either the real Chloë or someone closely connected to her.

Here’s Instagram mentioned in an Elle interview with Chloë, published as recently as January 28th, 2015:

That’s interesting. Can I ask why you’re not on Instagram, then? You could post your own images every day…

I bet I will be [on Instagram] soon. It’s an inevitability. I have this book coming out, I have my line with Opening Ceremony, and Instagram is a very good marketing tool. But I’m holding out. It feels like I’m teetering on the edge of shameless self promotion. The book versus Instagram—it’s a fine line.

The Instagram account @chloessevigny began posting on February 1st.

Until Chloë Sevigny or her representatives confirm the account to be hers, we can’t be 100% this is the real Chloë, however there are a couple of photos on the account — particularly a few recent ones from the ongoing Love & Friendship shoot in Dublin, Ireland — which we believe could only have been obtained by either Chloë herself or someone connected to her.

Either way, we think you should follow @chloessevigny on Instagram!

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