!!!! You read that right. Check out this clip of Chloë Sevigny from her last year’s Those Who Kill promo tour in which she talks about a potential second series of Hit & Miss being in talks (or at least having been so at the time of the interview in March 2014). We hope this isn’t old news yet.

For those who don’t know, Hit & Miss was a Sky Atlantic-produced six-part miniseries about Mia (Chloë Sevigny), a pre-op transgender female and hitman who unexpectedly learns she fathered a son with a former girlfriend before she began transitioning. The series was a ratings hit for Sky Atlantic upon its UK premiere in 2012, but despite a cliffhanger ending and rave reviews the series was seemingly discontinued.

Somebody make this happen. Please.

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  1. Just saw Series One of “HIt & Miss” on Netflix and loved it. Please let us have more…

  2. I just finished Hit and Miss on Netflix. Please tell me there are going to be more? I found the series to be compelling with fantastic performances.

  3. PLEEEEEAAAASE tell me there’s going to be another season. So totally addicted!! Chloe .. you are truly awesome!

  4. Too many loose ends please continue with season 2 brilliant drama, was hooked from the start

  5. Yep agreed it’s great and finishing on a cliff hanger readily lends itself to a second series. Six episodes is enough to keep the interest up & it could easily go off in so many directions. Great work Director & scriptors. I’ve just watched it on SBS & I am spreading the link … More please 🙏🏻

  6. Just watched the six episodes it’s absolutely amazing and I’m so shocked another hasn’t been made yet !!!!

  7. me and my husband have watched it over the last few days and watched it to the end of series 1. we want to watch a series 2. so com on get it rolling. x

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