‘American Horror Story’ renewed for Season 3

Great news! FX Networks has announced it has renewed American Horror Story for a third season.

According to TV Line, the new 13-episode season, which will once again be set in a new location and era, will begin production next summer with an eye on a fall 2013 premiere. Naturally, no details on the upcoming season have been released so far, but the network has confirmed the series’ star Jessica Lange will be returning.

With no further casting details announced, it is of course uncertain at this point whether or not Chloë Sevigny, who’s been guest-starring on the show as Shelley this season, will be seen in the next season as well, but she has expressed both interest and excitement at the prospect of returning. From her recent interview with Collider.com:

“Oh, my god, I hope [I get to come back for Season 3]! Ryan teased that, and I was like, ‘Don’t tease me, unless you’re going to come through on your promise!’ I want to come back and work with this cast again, or at least some of them. It’s a great gig. What actress wouldn’t want to do it? It’s so much fun! You get to be in this heightened environment. It’s a dream.”

But whether or not we’ll see her on the show again, congrats to Team AHS on the (well-deserved) new season order!

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