Ryan Murphy talks Shelley in EW ‘American Horror Story’ interview

Entertainment Weekly has a great interview with writer Ryan Murphy about some of the things that are still to happen on American Horror Story this season. The article is moderately spoilery, especially if you’ve yet to see last night’s episode, which is why we’ve hidden the excerpt under the cut, so if you want to remain spoiler-free, stop reading now. For everyone else…

… here’s the article’s relevant bit regarding Chloë Sevigny’s Shelley.

Will we learn more about Arden’s backstory and his issues with women?
Well, kind of I think you see it. He has a huge backstory coming up in episodes 4 and 5 which completely answers who he is and what his mystery is. I think his thing with women is when Shelly sees his member and laughs and says to him, “Were you in some kind of accident?” We imagined Dr. Arden has a micropenis. There’s something very wrong there.

You said last week that what happens to Shelley was the most shocking thing you’ve done. Why did you decide that fate for her?
It is a tragic thing. I did think that she’s a tragic character. Her dilemma and her pain and her trying to escape in the next couple of episodes is a really big plot point so I don’t wanna say much. When you see the evolution of what Dr. Arden continues to do to her, it’s pretty amazing.

What did Chloe Sevigny think when you told her Shelley’s fate?
I can’t speak for Chloe but she’s a good-to-go actress. It was a very challenging thing to do the prosthetics. I think she was challenged by it. In the next couple episodes, what happens to her is very…Chloe does an amazingly brilliant acting job at it. I really love her performance.

Will we see what has happened to Wendy, like whether she’s alive or dead?
Ooooh yes. Wait ’til the next two episodes. The episode coming up is a two-parter. Episode 5 is the best episode we’ve ever done on the show. It’s just so brilliant. I’m really excited for people to see it.

Can you tease it?
Well the title of 4 and 5 is “I Am Anne Frank Part I and Part II” and I just think that by the end of 5 we’ve pretty much told everybody what all the secrets and backstories of all the characters are. And I think the social statement that it makes about women in the time is very sort of great. More than that, I think the performances are just off-the-charts great.

The full article on EW.com.

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