Chloë to appear on Sky’s ‘Doll & Em’, with Jim Sturgess in ‘Electric Slide’

New projects! According to Collider’s recent interview with Chloë Sevigny, Chloë will be making a one-off appearance in the upcoming British comedy series Doll & Em as well as appearing in a small role in the upcoming indie movie Electric Slide.

Do you know what’s next for you?
SEVIGNY: Well, I just did Portlandia, which is a show I love. I’m doing this show, called Doll & Em, for Sky in the U.K., that’s a comedy for Emily Mortimer that she wrote with her friend, Dolly Wells. That’s just a one episode thing. And I did Louie, for one episode. I’m doing a small part in this indie movie, called Electric Slide, with Jim Sturgess. And I’m just trying to find the next thing.

More details on both as we get them!

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