Paper Mag article: “An Oral History of X-Girl”

Paper Mag has an interesting article on Daisy von Furth and Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon’s short-lived mid-’90s fashion line X-Girl, in which Chloë Sevigny is interviewed about her involvement with the line alongside Gordon, von Furth and other collaborators. As some of you will know, Chloë modeled for the label in the mid-’90s.

Excerpts from the article:

No one better personified the X-Girl girl than a young club-kid from Darien, Connecticut. Her name was Chloë Sevigny, and she went on to be the brand’s unofficial mascot.

Kim: In 1992, Sonic Youth was looking for someone to be in our ‘Sugar Kane’ video, and we asked our friend Andrea Linett, a fashion editor at Sassy, and she recommended Chloë, who was an intern.

Chloë Sevigny, X-girl model, actress: I was in high school, interning at Sassy. Kim was looking for a sort of street, grunge girl who was androgynous. [The ‘Sugar Kane’ video] was actually the first film I ever did. So I met Kim and Daisy on the set of the shoot, and started babysitting for both of them. Then a few years later, when they started working on X-Girl, I had moved to New York at that point. They loved the way I dressed, and they asked me to be their fit model. I was very skinny then.

Daisy: The three of us, me, Kim and Chloë, would get together when Chloë was available and try stuff on. She’d also bring us stuff, ‘Here, you should do a shirt like this.’ She was always kind of bopping around. I think it was pre-Kids, and she had a lot of time on her hands.

Chloë: I would go over to Daisy’s apartment on Crosby Street and they would try their samples on me. I got a lot of early samples, which was nice. My favorite piece was a pair of white jeans that I dyed pink and wore everyday.

[…] For its first collection, X-Girl held a guerrilla-style fashion show in SoHo. For the next, Phil Morrison directed a guerrilla-style film wherein Chloë Sevigny crashed a Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Wendy: I have a lot of great photos of Chloë from that day. You know how some designers always do a bride’s dress at the end of their shows? They had Chloë in a little white bride’s dress. It was very early ’90s. Like J. Mascis was there and all of those kind of people.

Chloë: I was a model in the show and I got to be the bride at the end. I was surprised at how many people came — Zoe Cassavetes, and Donovan Leitch, and this whole ’90s crew was there. Doing that show, I realized I didn’t want to be a model. Afterwards, Sofia asked if I would be in a show for Milk Fed, and I said no.

[…] At the Marc Jacobs show, Daisy kept egging me on, to go up and talk to all these fashion people I didn’t know, like André Leon Talley and Naomi Campbell, asking them about this fictional character. It’s hard to believe how bold I was. I was so young. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll go up to all these people, I don’t care.’

The full article on Check out also some photos of Chloë modeling the line in 1994 in our gallery.

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