TV Wise: Sky Atlantic opts NOT to renew ‘Hit & Miss’

Bad news. Despite our hopes and the big fan demand, it looks like we won’t be seeing a continuation to Sky Atlantic’s riveting summer miniseries Hit & Miss. The news just in from TV Wise:

Breaking……Exclusive: It looks like Chloë Sevigny will not be returning as transvestite assassin Mia. My sources are telling me that executives at Sky Atlantic have opted not to renew their original drama series Hit & Miss for a second season. Representatives of Sky Atlantic did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

This would be consistent with the tweet Sky Atlantic recently sent us regarding the future of the series.

@chloesevignyorg @Kara_Almindez Hit & Miss was always intended as a mini-series, and as such, there are no plans for it to return.

As to why the network is not continuing the series one can only guess. Although the show was indeed originally advertised only as a “miniseries”, all of the actors except Chloë were signed for two series at the same time as the finale left everything wide open, definitely hinting at a continuation. The critical reception was fantastic, and so far as we know, the ratings in the UK were good, too — the premiere ratings doubled(!) the network’s usual slot audience and fans have been bombarding them with requests for a series 2 since. Perhaps they just couldn’t work out the schedules; after all, Chloë & co. did spend nearly six months in Manchester last year on just the original six episodes.

Either way, we are of course very, very disappointed as fans of both Chloë and the series, and frankly quite amazed. We really had hoped we’d see the story come to a proper conclusion with another series (which really seemed almost a given with the cliffhanger ending), and on the side of course to get to enjoy more of Chloë’s fantastic(!!) performance as Mia. What a shame that it should end this way. :(

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  1. why why why are you cancelling this great series i need to know the ending please please nooooooooooooo

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