‘American Horror Story’ feature in ‘Entertainment Weekly’

If you can’t wait for more on the upcoming season of FX’s American Horror Story, check out the series’ feature in the new Entertainment Weekly. We’ve updated the gallery with six scans of the article, thanks to jessica-lange on Tumblr. Here’s is its only proper mention of Chloë, who will be portraying Shelley the Nymphomaniac on the show this season:

Twisted doesn’t even begin to describe the corkscrew of a plot that encompasses season 2 of AHS, set to premiere Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. “We are going Ryan Murphy-style all the way to the crazy house,” says [Sarah] Paulson, referencing the show’s co-creator. Adds Chloë Sevigny (Big Love), who plays sex-obsessed inmate Shelley, “When I read [the scripts] I was like, ‘This is nuts.’ Then when we did the table read, and we read it aloud, there was something more grounded about it. But it’s provocative, and that makes it fun to watch.”

Before you check out the full article, however, please be mindful that the article contains a lot of new information, and even spoilers, about the new season, so if you’d like to remain absolutely spoiler-free we recommend you skip it altogether.

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