“Oh, that’s bullshit!… I think that ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ is bullshit. You’re tested in life, you know? Things aren’t just put in front of you for the taking. You have to go through something to get what you want. You can’t just drift through life and hope that love is just gonna flow into you like plankton into a whale’s f***king mouth. You have to prove yourself. You have to make things happen and choose.”
– Jeanie

Hope everyone caught Chloë Sevigny guest starring as bookstore clerk Jeanie on FX’s Louie last night, despite our heads-up on her appearance having been a little last minute. :) Here’s our recap of the episode, beginning with a quick summary:

Louie (Louis C.K.) has dreams about a Liz (Parker Posey) he once went out with and goes to look for her at the book store she works in, only to find that she has quit. Luckily(?), the shop’s eager new clerk (Chloë Sevigny) is more than ready to help him find her. Later, Louie wonders at his daughter’s crankiness when he picks her up from school.

Personally, I absolutely loved Chloë’s appearance in this episode!! It was such a (mostly) cute and hilarious little role and Chloë was so deliciously good in it. It’s been a while since Chloë last did comedy (there was Barry Munday in 2010 and her occasional comedic moments on Big Love, but her Munday character was really not written to be a “comedy role”, and Big Love wasn’t exactly a comedy, either), and based on last night’s performance, I can’t wait to see her do more. So excited for what she’s gonna do on Portlandia now! :D

The gallery has been updated with 137x 720p HD screen caps of Chloë in the episode. Hope you check ’em out!

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