[Philip: “Ryan?”]
“It’s Mia now.”
– Mia

Hope everyone was able to tune into last Tuesday’s intense sixth and final episode of Sky Atlantic’s Hit & Miss miniseries. As always, here are our HD screen captures of Chloë Sevigny as Mia in the episode.

The big question everyone is now asking, especially in light of last Tuesday’s cliffhanger ending, is of course whether or not the show will come back for a second series. Although as far as we know the show has been a ringing success for Sky Atlantic both critically and ratings-wise, and Chloë herself did not dismiss the possibility of another series during her last month’s promotional visit to the UK, no continuation has been announced as yet. If you’d like to see the show continue, however, drop Sky Atlantic a line about it via their Facebook page or Twitter account @skyatlantic.

In the mean time, enjoy this final set of caps and don’t forget to get your copy of the DVD / Blu-Ray on July 2 (Region 2/Europe only)!

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