Fretts on Film interview — updates on ‘Lovelace’, ‘The Wait’, ‘Red Dog’

Fretts on Film recently caught up with Chloë Sevigny to talk about some of her most recent films. Here’s some more information on Chloë’s involvement in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace, M. Blash’s The Wait, which has been “in post-production” since August 2011, and James Franco’s NYU student film Black Dog, Red Dog, straight from the source. Kicking things off with…

Lovelace, in which Chloë appears opposite her Big Love co-star Amanda Seyfried, who plays the title role:

“I’m probably in a minute and a half of the movie,” Sevigny told me. “It’s a cameo. It’s at the very beginning of the movie, and I play a feminist journalist interviewing her about the provocative nature of her work. I love Amanda, and they have a lot of great people doing cameos.”

The Wait:

The Wait is still pending distribution,” Sevigny says. “It’s a great movie. I love it. I hope somebody picks it up. But I loved his last movie [Lying from 2006, in which Chloë also appears], too. They’re not for everyone.”

And finally, Black Dog, Red Dog:

“It’s not a film. It’s a student film. I do student films now,” she says, with a laugh. “I live in New York, and I want to give back to the community a little bit.”

Will it get a theatrical release, like Franco’s master’s thesis, the Hart Crane biopic The Broken Tower? “God, I have no idea. I doubt it. Maybe. I have no idea what they do with these films,” says Sevigny, who plays one of the main characters’ girlfriends. “If [Broken Tower] got released with barely a blip, then I don’t have much hope for Red Dog, Black Dog or Black Dog, Red Dog.”

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