Chloë in ‘Psychologies’, ‘The Independent Magazine’

More magazine features! According to Perri Lewis, commissioning editor at Psychologies magazine, Chloë Sevigny will be on the cover of (presumably) the June issue of the UK health and entertainment magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for it on newsstands!

Update Apr 29: Chloë will indeed be appearing in the June issue of Psychologies. Check out a preview of the cover to your right — you’ll notice the cover picture is the same as appeared in California Style in 2009.

Chloë is also currently featured on the cover of the April 28th Independent Magazine, a weekly supplement of the Independent newspaper. Check out a small preview of the cover to your right, two outtakes from the photoshoot in our gallery and the full interview at

Select excerpts from the interview about Hit & Miss, her Golden Globe win, The Brown Bunny and the role she was once supposedly offered in Legally Blonde:

“Sex scenes are difficult, simulated or not,” is how Sevigny puts it. “It sucks either way.” “As it were,” I say. “As it were,” she echoes flatly, bored by the double entendre. There were reports of a backlash after Brown Bunny, something Sevigny denies. “There were all these rumours, like getting fired from my agency, which is not true,” she says. “And they said things about me not being marketable, but was I marketable beforehand? No. I mean I’ve always been this indie, outside-the-box girl. Afterwards I got cast in a Woody Allen film, and Zodiac and then a big show on HBO. So people can say what they like.”

[…] “That was surprising,” she says. “I got really giddy and emotional when I got up on stage. I couldn’t believe I was getting this pat on the back, even though it was from this small collection of foreign journalists.”

[…] Her only immediate plans are for a long holiday in Jamaica. Sky are hoping for a second series of Hit+Miss should it prove a hit rather than a miss. Would she be tempted back? “I think I’d like to see how it comes out, and what they would have in mind,” she says.

[…] What about the story that she turned down half a million for Legally Blonde, and the role eventually taken by Selma Blair? “Why does everyone keep saying this?” asks Sevigny. “I was never offered Legally Blonde — that’s an internet lie… one of many hundreds. It just enrages me. Drop the Legally Blonde thing.”

Interestingly, Chloë explicitly denies in the interview having ever been offered a role in the 2001 blockbuster Legally Blonde, although she spoke of the reasons she turned down the part in Tokion magazine in 2009. But what is Chloë if not a contradictory person? :)

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