Chloë and ‘Hit & Miss’ in ‘Attitude’ magazine

Check out these two hi-res digital scans of Chloë Sevigny and Hit & Miss featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Attitude magazine. The article features some terrific quotations from Chloë about filming Hit & Miss (and Manchester), Boys Don’t Cry and the Drew Droege “Chloe Sevigny” spoof video series among others and comes with two brand new photos from Chloë’s Hit & Miss promoshoot as Mia.

Select excerpts from the article:

In February, Chloë told US magazine Interview that Manchester ‘one of the grimmest places I’d ever been in my entire life’, a quote that was picked up by The Sun and which unfavourably painted her as a prissy Yank. So did she really hate it? ‘Well, I did feel very stuck there,’ she admits, ‘but it’s not like I have anything against Manchester! It was just so small, and it’s hard for another city to compare to New York.’ And while she cheerfully admits that Manchester was ‘always raining’, she took a leaf out of Stuart and Vince from Queer as Folk‘s book in her penchant for trips to Canal Street ‘to watch and see trans women walk by’.

[…] Chloë’s most acclaimed role is still in Boys Don’t Cry, the searing 1999 biopic of F-to-M trans man Brandon Teena (the role won Hilary Swank an Oscar). Chloë played Brandon’s loving, headstrong girlfriend who stands by her man through his tragic persecution in the trailer parks of America’s conservative Midwest. ‘That story is still precious to me,’ she says of the role that also earned her an Oscar nomination, but adds, ‘At the end of the day I think about the real Brandon Teena who was murdered by his friend, so it’s very bittersweet.’ People keep trying to compare Hit and Miss to Boys Don’t Cry when they talk to her, but she says, ‘I feel that kind of trivialises it — Hilary was a girl playing a boy.’

[…] ‘I met [Drew Droege] at a party once and he was frightened to death! But I was very kind to him.’ It’s clear that Chloë is a little uneasy about being spoofed. Who wouldn’t be? But then she quips with trademark self-deprecation, ‘I’m happy to provide entertainment!’

The full article in our gallery. Big thanks to Michele @ for providing us with the scans!

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