Kelly Reilly in, Julianne Moore out of ‘Innocence’

Finally, another source next to the Internet Movie Database has mentioned Chloë Sevigny’s rumored involvement in Hilary Brougher’s Innocence. Bloody Disgusting has exclusively learned new details about the casting for the film, and according to their sources Chloë will be appearing in the film. From Bloody Disgusting:

There’s a lot of casting ins and outs regarding Bankside Films and Killer Films’ Innocence, their vampire tale announced last February. Back in 2011, both Abigail Breslin and Julianne Moore were cast. As of today, we have a wide array of different information we’re digging into.

First, it looks like Moore is out, but Breslin, the Zombieland star recently cast in The Hive, is still locked in the lead role. Bloody Disgusting is also exclusively told that Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) and Chloe Sevigny (Zodiac, American Psycho) have joined the cast, with Sophie Curtis (The English Teacher) also in talks.

BD is generally on the money with their news, so Chloë’s rumored involvement in the film is probably true. However, at the same time, reports that Kelly Reilly has been cast in the film as “a school nurse with a dark side.” If true, Reilly has likely been cast as Pamela, the role which IMDb has credited to Chloë all this time. Bloody Disgusting has nothing on Chloë’s role in the film while Deadline makes no mention of Chloë at all, so I think we’ll still continue treating this as a rumor until more information arrives.

Innocence centers on a moody teenager (Abigail Breslin) who discovers her elite private school is home to a vampire gang.

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