Chloë to do another unisex line for Opening Ceremony?

StyleCaster reports Chloë Sevigny is considering doing another unisex line for Opening Ceremony. More from StyleCaster:

“…We’re maybe thinking about doing pre-fall, another kind of unisex, boys and girls line, so we’re talking about that right now,” said Chloë. You might remember that back for the fall/winter 2009 season, this Party Monster‘s second-ever OC collection consisted of a unisex menswear line, wearable for gals too.

More recently, the Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony x Vision Street Wear which came out just a short while ago also featured a handful of unisex styles, perfect for those looking to rock a ’90s skate wear vibe.

When asked about what trends the collection might be leaning towards to, Chloë responded with an honest response saying that she hadn’t started thinking about it yet, bursting into an understandable giggle by saying that she thinks she’s been kind of avoiding it (we can only imagine the amount of effort that goes behind each well-thought set of her drool-worthy duds).

“I have to get triggered. Maybe tonight, on the catwalk, I’ll be triggered with some sort of inspiration.”

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