Chloë featured in ‘W’ January 2012

Chloë Sevigny is featured in the January 2012 issue of W magazine!

Chloë appears in the magazine in a brand-new, monochrome- and animal-themed photoshoot by photographer Anthony Maule as well as art director Rob Pruitt, one of Chloë’s good friends. Check out a couple of medium-res outtakes from the shoot in our gallery and the interview with Chloë and Rob on

Our favorite excerpts from the interview:

PRUITT: Then fast-forward a couple of years after Chloë finished filming Kids [the 1995 cult film directed by Larry Clark, starring Sevigny], and I ended up cutting her hair in a downtown loft.
SEVIGNY: I was really sad about the haircut—I thought it was pretty bad. But because of Rob’s voice and his nature, I fully trusted him. That was the first time I saw his panda paintings—in that apartment.

There were moments [in the photoshoot] that reminded me so much of the Cecil Beaton Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. It was a contemporary version of that.
SEVIGNY: I’ve never seen My Fair Lady. It’s Audrey Hepburn, right? I can’t stand Audrey Hepburn. It’s this character she created in Breakfast at Tiffany’s—a comic kind of New York City character. I don’t know, for me it’s just vapid. It irritates me.

One of the things that artists get to do very freely, which actors don’t, is speak their mind, either through their work or in interviews. Chloë, is that something you envy?
SEVIGNY: I do. In Hollywood, if you are outspoken, you risk your career. I have been very outspoken in the past and gotten in trouble for it. I’ve always felt like an outsider anyway, but definitely in Hollywood I’ve never felt like part of the “in” crowd. In fact, I just finished filming a new TV series in Manchester, England, where I play a pre-op male-to-female transsexual who grew up around a lot of violence. She escapes from her family and brutally kills this guy and becomes a hit woman. In the beginning, she’s kind of devoid of feelings, and she’s cut herself off, but she adopts this family of misfit kids and opens up through her relationship with them. It’s pretty amazing and out there. I mean, out there: I’m wearing a prosthetic penis—that’s something you don’t usually see on television.

Thanks to Melancholybaby @ The Fashion Spot for the find!

Update Dec 24: Check out a video from the photoshoot on

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