Hi-res ‘Vogue’ (UK) 1998, ‘i-D’ (UK) August 1998 scans and more

News on Chloë is still pretty quiet at the moment (Chloë still being in Manchester filming Hit and Miss), so we’ve instead done some more scanning for the site. Today, we’ve updated the gallery with rare, site-exclusive hi-res scans of Chloë Sevigny in the November 1997 issue of Interview (US), August 1998 issue of i-D (UK), November 1998 issue of UK Vogue, November 1999 issue of US Harper’s Bazaar, September 2000 issue of Interview and August 2002 issue of US Vogue, replacing any medium-res scans we may have previously had from these features up on the site. Hope you check ’em out!

New & Updated Photo Albums:

Magazines in 1997 > ‘Interview’ (US) November 1997 Scans
Magazines in 1998 > ‘i-D’ (UK) August 1998 Scans
Magazines in 1998 > ‘Vogue’ (UK) November 1998 Scans
Magazines in 1999 > ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (US) November 1999 Scans
Magazines in 2000 > ‘Interview’ (US) September 2000 Scans
Magazines in 2002 > ‘Vogue’ (US) August 2002 Scans

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