New ‘Black Mirror’ photos and videos

Check out these terrific new promotional stills and first video clip of Chloë Sevigny in Doug Aitken’s video/live performance piece Black Mirror, which debuted last month in Greece. Video courtesy of the The New York Times:

You’ll find this and two more videos featuring Chloë on the newly opened official site for Black Mirror at We can’t embed the clips here at the moment, so please head over to the Black Mirror website and scroll down to watch them. Please note that the site is very image-heavy and may take a while to load.

Description from The New York Times:

Commissioned by the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art in Athens for its project space on the island of Hydra, the installation, which opened last month, immerses visitors in an environment lined with black mirrors that endlessly reflect various iterations of Mr. Aitken’s chilly new video. A cross between Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point and Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, only without the narrative, Black Mirror presents its star, the actress and clothing designer Chloë Sevigny, as a nameless drifter navigating a barren landscape punctuated by satellite dishes, radio towers and droning airplanes. Stopping periodically in one anonymous hotel room or another, she makes attempts to connect, by phone or text or e-mail, to an unidentified second party, with little success.

The project is intended as “a kind of vortex, or a human-scale kaleidoscope,” Mr. Aitken, 43, said in a recent interview in his studio here, one that in many ways mimics the physical and mental disorientation experienced by frequent travelers. It’s a far cry from the disconnected comfort experienced by the cocky hero of Up in the Air, the 2001 novel and 2009 movie that explored similar territory.

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