New images from ‘Hit and Miss’ Manchester set

New images from the UK! Check out these new photos of Chloë Sevigny filming Sky Atlantic’s upcoming six-part miniseries Hit and Miss in Manchester, UK on July 7 and July 8. Chloë is headlining the series as the pre-op transsexual contract killer Mia.

Excitingly, Chloë seems to be sporting a new brunette look for the show! Although her braided look from June 27 looked like it could’ve been a wig, judging from these new pictures she seems to have actually dyed her hair brown (although how much her hair can have grown since sporting a noticeably shorter crop less than a month ago in Greece we’re not sure — perhaps she’s wearing extensions?). Either way, the new hair looks terrific on her; hopefully, we’ll get to see it on the red carpet as well!

Have you spotted Chloë in Manchester? Share with us your sightings, encounters and/or photos by emailing us at contact[@] Thank you!

New Photo Albums:

Television Work > ‘Hit and Miss’ (TBA) On Set – Jul 7 2011
Television Work > ‘Hit and Miss’ (TBA) On Set – Jul 8 2011

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