Poster, promotional stills and footage from ‘All Flowers in Time’

An update on Jonathan Caouette’s 2010 short film All Flowers in Time, in which Chloë Sevigny appears as Holly. Plot overview from The Internet Movie Database:

“I am not from this place,” declares a French cowboy. An old toothless man asks, “Do you know why you’re here?” These shape-shifting personalities infect young children with an evil signal in the form of a Dutch TV show. The red-eyed girls and boys believe they can now become other people and monsters, much to their delight.

Firstly, we’ve updated the gallery with a poster and two promotional stills from the film. Check out also the trailer and making of-interview with writer-director Caouette from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, which features several quick glimpses of Chloë in the film, below.

New Photo Albums:

Film Work > ‘All Flowers in Time’ (2010) Posters & Promotional Photography
Film Work > ‘All Flowers in Time’ (2010) Promotional Stills

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