New project: Chloë working on British miniseries

Sounds like Chloë has another miniseries in the works! According to Ology and‘s recent interviews with Chloë Sevigny, Chloë will soon be heading over to the UK to appear as a “pre-op male-to-female tranny assassin” in a new miniseries. The relevant quotations from and Ology respectively:

I’m working on a southern Irish accent at the moment for a miniseries I’m about to begin filming.

Can you tell me about it?
It’s a British production for Sky Atlantic, and I’m playing a pre-op male-to-female tranny assassin. It’s very realistic. It’s being created by a lot of the people who were involved in the original Skins, so it’s going to be very edgy.

Wow. You’ve done quite a few projects with trans content: Candy Darling, Boy’s Don’t Cry
Party Monster, If These Walls Could Talk 2. But I feel this will be my most feminine, most glamorous role to date. I hope that I have enough gay stripes that I won’t get totally attacked. It was the creators’ idea not to hire a boy to play the part, and of course as an actor you’re going to jump on that. I’m going to try to play it as beautiful and as feminine and as glamorous as I can — not like Transamerica.

I’m going to England to do a miniseries. I don’t think it’s been announced yet, so I’m not supposed to talk about it. I will be playing a pre-op male to female tranny assassin. It’s f*ckin’ awesome, but there’s an accent.

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